Operation Snow Plow (Caucaus Breach 2.0)

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DCS: World 2.7
F-14 Tomcat

Operation Snow Plow (Caucaus Breach 2.0)

Автор - Applevangelist
Дата - 16.01.2021 16:44:22
Multiplayer endless mission set on the popular Caucaus Map. Engage RedFor North of the Elbrus with Artillery, Planes, Helicopters. Set in a Winter Scene.


BLUEFOR has pushed back REDFOR forces North-East of the ELBRUS after REDFOR agressors pushed south two years before. A shaky truce had been established in the meanwhile. BLUE intelligence units now report that REDFOR is planning for a Winter offensive, leveraging their stronghold in MINERALYNE-VODY to prepare for the push south towards TIBLISI.

BLUEFOR HQ has been established in TIBLISI. The USS Forrestal is on the way  to BATUMI for enforcement. An airlift is operating from the coast to TIBLISI for enforcements. North of the Elbrus, BLUEFOR joint forces hold NALCHIK, BESLAN and MOZDOK airbases.
Artillery and tank units operate north  of
Nalchik. CAP flights operate from KUTAISI (Zone West), VAZIANI  (Zone East) and TARCAP/CAS from Mozdok.

NOTE that REDFOR has substantial Air Operations ongoing.


#1 – Support ground units to take the target zones in PSYCHOH,         ZOLSKAYA, and the MINERALYNE BREACH.
#2 – Establish sufficient SAM coverage and ensure AIR superiority
#3 – SEAD/WILDWEASEL – decimate REDFOR SAM coverage on BULLSEYE
#4 – Look out for surprise REDFOR air & ground operations

# Support

Player Comms & main AWACS: 271AM
AI & Flight Comms: 300AM
HQ: Tblisi – Operational HQ 300AM
Player Flights: 130.50 MHz, +1 MHz each flight
Helicopter: 30 AM


Awacs: WIZARD 271AM
Awacs/CVN: MAGIC 272AM

# Tanker

Tanker Boom: TEXACO, 246AM,46Y
Tanker Basket: SHELL, 245AM, 45Y
Recovery Tanker: ARCO, 244AM, 44Y

# Carrier

USS Forrestal: 127.5AM 59X ICLS 5

# FARP (North of NALCHIK)
Berlin: 140.5AM ADF: (See CTLD Zones F10)

# Additional TACAN BESLAN: 36X

- Build on MOOSE framework
- Super Carrier integrated
- Modular build, easy to add own airplane groups
- Many modules put on the map, of course mainly my favorites F14 and M2000c :), F16 and F18 etc available
- You can save the mission state. Edit the repsective trigger in the Mission Editor.

- 1.8b -- initial release
- 1.8c -- corrected UNIT names for ATIS
- 1.8d -- fix for ATIS not working around midnight to 3am
- 1.8e -- added a trigger to enable/disable ATIS - important if you are using FC3 planes wh ere you get all radio messages all the time
- 3.5 -- complete rewrite to leverage new classes in MOOSE and allow to save mission state
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