Operation Piercing Fury campaign FIX 2.5.6

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DCS: World 2.5
A-10C Warthog

Operation Piercing Fury campaign FIX 2.5.6

Загрузил - <Snakedoc>
Дата - 05.10.2020 17:44:48
Mission 3, Mission 9 and Mission 14 fixes

Fixed Mission 3, Mission 9 and Mission 14 of Operation Piercing Fury by Ranger79 in order to work in DCS 2.5.6

Mission 3:
- Adjusted trigger zone and path for VBIED 2

Mission 9:
- Adjusted trigger and ground asset route+formation for it to work as intended

***V.2 update***

Mission 14:
- Adjusted parking spot for F16 departing Kutaisi
- Increased time until despawn of B1 bomber and F16s departing Kutaisi so they wouldn't disappear during take off roll
- Adjusted and added trigger zone to remove Trees for ground unit to be able to drive through forest without going crazy (AI pathfinding issue)
- Adjusted position and activation of Enemy convoy reinforcement once attack at Angel has commenced
- Adjusted trigger position for activation of enemy troops from camp 1 and subsequent B52 bombing run

1. Trigger to remove static objects (trees) is currently bugged and may not work all the times. If you encounter this issue, run a DCS repair before starting Mission 14.
2. DO NOT ENGAGE enemy convoy (if you spot it early) until you're cleared to provide CAS on enemy vehicles. Engaging them early will cause the convoy to stop and brake the mission trigger
3. Enemy convoy will take time to travel to Angel location, be patient!

Instructions to install:
Replace with original mission files located in your /Campaigns/MultiLang/A-10C Operation Piercing Fury Campaign folder

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