The Secret Weapon

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DCS World 2.5

The Secret Weapon

Загрузил - TheHighwayman
Дата - 02.03.2019 04:07:23
Single Mission for the MiG 19 Farmer.

The year is 1953, and you are testing a secret prototype at the front during a war in the Caucuses. <br />

In this hypothetical scenario, you will be test piloting a MiG 19 under combat conditions. Your mission is to fly a circuit while observers record the data, but events are in motion all around you. Will you complete the test, or be caught up in combat?

Combat, of course!

Pay attention to your instructions however, this mission is harder than it looks.

(Updated 3.2.19 to correct a typo, repair a trigger. A few additional graphic effects added for flavor.)
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