RCAF Fictional Yak-52 Livery

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DCS World 2.5

RCAF Fictional Yak-52 Livery

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - TheNorthernFox
Дата - 26.02.2019 21:40:23
This was the first time making a livery for DCS World, so I decided to make something simple like this. This livery is based off the old RCAF De Havilland Chipmunk used until the early 70s.

It comes with 4 different liveries (which can be seen in the Pictures):
Clean 1: Super Clean
Clean 2: Paint shows some wear
Mild Dirt: Partially cleaned
Dirty: Not been cleaned for a while

Feedback would be much appreciated. Happy Flying!

This is my rendition of the RCAF's livery which can be seen on the De Havilland Chipmunk.

At some point I do plan to do a rework of the livery, but in the meantime enjoy!
(21/09/2023) - Fixed texture issue for Mild Dirt, incorrect file was used. Thanks YSIAD_PIR for pointing it out :D
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