Romanian Air Force Yak52 (Fortele Aeriene Romane)

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DCS: World 2.5

Romanian Air Force Yak52 (Fortele Aeriene Romane)

Тип - Текстура
Автор - Abburo
Дата - 17.01.2019 20:50:32
"Fortele Aeriene Romane"
Romanian Air Force Yak52 pack

This is an as real as it gets skin pack for Yak52 representing the trainer planes still in use by Romanian Air Force.
The pack contains 4 variants with different weathering type like:
-factory clean
- new but slightly used
- old and clean - the paint have an yellow tint
- old and rusty - just for fan

Bort Numbers are dynamic and properly redesigned to match the real ones, warning messages on the fuselage are translated, everything is perfectly (hopefully) aligned.

JGSME/OvGME ready pack

Hope you will enjoy!!!

DCS World Romania Community
!!! --  if you are a romanian speaker, you can find us on the following links:


PS: These are my first attempt to design DCS skins :)
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