Visual Spotting Distance Comparison

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DCS: World 2.5

Visual Spotting Distance Comparison

Автор - Thermal
Дата - 01.06.2018 02:42:29
Mission to examine the visual spotting range of aircraft with your setup

The mission is setup with two lines of F-15's and a line of E3's at your 9'oclock, all above the horizon line.  One line for F-15's are heading towards you, one line parallel, which changes their aspect and apparent size.

The F-15's are setup at 5km intervals to your position with an additional aircraft in close at 2.5km. The E3's are at 10km intervals out to 50km.
There are two Tarawa's at 25 and 50km.

Start the mission and immediately pause for the best visual reference.  You can use labels to see aircraft out to 20km.

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