Operation Tidy Hill - SAMs, tanks and something else...

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DCS World 2.7
SA342 Gazelle

Operation Tidy Hill - SAMs, tanks and something else...

Загрузил - Don Rudi
Дата - 17.11.2017 17:00:15
My fourth mission for the Gazelle will bring you to the Normandy map. Operation "Tidy Hill" is an air strike by a friendly A-10 on an enemy tank platoon. Your task is to clear the path for the A-10 by disabling a SA-6 site and later clean up what the A-10 has left behind. On your way back to base, you will receive a radio call with an additional task.

Basic NADIR knowledge and good contour flying skills are mandatory.

Mission contains custom R/T voices, interaction with a FAC and the A-10, as well as briefing maps.  

Welcome to Operation "Tidy Hill"

An enemy tank platoon has been spotted in a replenishment position. Your primary task is a raid on the SA-6 site guarding the ridge near the tank platoon, in preparation of an A-10 air strike. Your secondary mission will be to sweep the area of any surviving uints of the ar strike.

For the secondary mission you can request status updates from a FAC. Should you be desperate or you wasted your precious HOT3 missiles, you can ask for a second attack run by the A-10.

On your return to base, you will recieve a radio call with a small extra task. Listen carefully!

Listen to the radio for further instructions and also have an ear for your co-pilot, as he might have some valuable hints.
Your Gazelle will be fitted with 4 HOT3 missiles.

The mission contains custom R/T voices for high command, your co-pilot and several other involved units, as well as briefing maps.

I tried to keep the mission dynamic, so you will not encounter the exact situation again, when playing the mission a second time.

Good luck!
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