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DCS World 2.0

Kekistani Air Force Mod UPDATE

Загрузил - Ozone1
Дата - 01.07.2017 13:08:51
Just an update to my Kekistan Air Force Mod. I finally got my script right, so it won't override the TF-50 icon anymore. Also forgot to include Tornado and a couple of tanks in the previous version...

Pepe lives! And he wants YOU! Enlist in the Kekistani Air Force today. Help fight the Feminazis, Cucklords and Commy Socialists for the freedom and prosperity of our people. Heil Kek!

-Adds the fictional state of Kekistan.
-Includes all air, land and sea units.
-8 Ranks to ascend and 30 Squadrons to choose from. Plus 50 medals and awards to earn.
-Music changed to Kekistani military and national anthems  
-Single player only. (unless integrity check is disabled)
-Let's see what liveries you goys can come up with. (Abbreviation is 'KEK')
-This is just for laughs, so try not to get triggered :P
-Don't hesitate to let me know if you find any issues...
-JSGME ready. Just unzip first.

Enjoy ;)

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