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F-86F Sabre

Hellenic Sabres

Тип - Текстура
Загрузил - Santus
Дата - 10.06.2017 19:45:56
Historically accurate Hellenic Sabres
Updated with PBR textures & tested with DCS Open Beta

In 1954 Greece received the  first F-86. The aircraft were not new, but retrofitted, by North American,  RAF Canadair CL-13Mk4. These planes equipped the 341, 342 and 343 Squadrons. They remained in service until 1965, when they were replaced by F-5A. The Sabre was the first Greek aircraft that could break the sound barrier in dive. Initially the aircraf remained unpainted, but since 1964 they adopted  standard  NATO camouflage, while maintaining the lower surface bare metal look.

Place the folders inside :
/Saved Games/DCS.<Install>/Liveries/F-86F Sabre

By simply deleting the folders.
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