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DCS World 1.5

Valley Patrol

Загрузил - Delta99
Дата - 21.01.2017 20:22:14
Valley Patrol Beginner Mission for F15C pilots

This is considered a beginners mission to learn how to identify targets with the radar and then decide whether to engage or flee. It was also an opportunity for me to learn the Moose Framework ( to create more interesting and dynamic/random missions.

The enemy AI will continuously spawn and patrol randomly in the mountains. You'll find enemies at various heights and locations within the patrol zones. Enemy AI will RTB when low on fuel or damaged. You can also fly the SU25T's available on the enemy side. If no human is flying them, AI will be spawned in their place.

3 different types of AI planes will be spawned (more in the air at any given time) that shouldn't be too difficult. Their skill is randomized per spawn and missiles are limited. Should provide the novice F15C pilot with some great engagements though.

From the mission briefing:

This is just a simple patrol mission using the Moose Framework Patrol and Engagement zones and AI_BALANCER (to fill client seats with AI when needed),

Players can fly on either the RED or BLUE side. RED side will be fully AI capable. The RED Ai will spawn a mix of pretty basic planes and loadouts so this is meant more for the beginner. RED AI will Spawn at Mineralnye Vody and patrol in the mountain ranges until low on fuel or requiring rearm/repair. They will then return to base and fly out again after a short time period. Their patrol zone is bounded by approximate grid coordinates: GJ36, GJ00, LN56, LP72

BLUE has two groups defined:

F15C Group 1: Flight of 4 human players
F15C Group 2: Human lead and AI wingman
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