Multiplayer P51D Bomber Escort/Intercept

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P-51D Mustang
Multiplayer P51D Bomber Escort/Intercept

Multiplayer P51D Bomber Escort/Intercept

Автор - degoe
Дата - 02.07.2012 01:50
Multiplayer bomber escort mission based on markuswohlgenannt's single player mission.

-Spawning for escorts as well as interceptors
-Bombers will hold in orbit until escort is in depart zone
-Radio commands to control bomber advance
-Triggers for mission win blue team (bombing complete) as well as red team (bombers destroyed) including auto restart mission
-Awesome Multiplayer dogfighting
-Unlimited ammo forced on

Blue team
Escort 3 Bear bombers going for a pinpoint strike

Red team
Intercept the bombers

Your flight of 4 P51Ds is to escort three Bear bombers. Expect Abkhaz P51D interceptors to be launched from Gudauta and Sukhumi airports.

Radio buttons:

"A" Sochi ATC
"B" flight and bombers

Intercept the bombers coming from Soichi-Adler and heading for a pinpoint strike in POTI.

Gudauta will be the initially available airfield, when the bombers have advanced Sukhimi-Babushara will also be available.

Radio buttons:

"A" Gudauta ATC
"B" Sukhumi ATC
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