Indian Air Force Base defence (1.5.x Outdated)

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DCS World 1.5

Indian Air Force Base defence (1.5.x Outdated)

Загрузил - carss
Дата - 13.04.2016 02:54:22
Take off and defend your airbase as an Indian Air Force pilot in a Mirage 2000C against Chinese and Pakistani fighters. You along with a flight of other IAF Mirages and Mig-21s will fight against a bunch of attacking PAF and Chinese Mig-21s and Chinese Su-27s covering them. Stop them at all costs from getting to your base!


Please excuse the mistakes and edit as needed, this is my first mission that I am uploading. Prior to running this mission, please be sure to download and install the following paint schemes for the planes........

IAF Mig-21:

IAF M2000C and IL-76/78:

PAF Mig-21:

PLAAF Mig-21: ............and.............

Hope you enjoy this mission I have created :)
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