Destination Las Vegas

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DCS: World 2.0

Destination Las Vegas

Автор - Zbenesch
Дата - 10.12.2015 08:19:32
Capture Creech by helping ground units!

Mig-29s, Su27, Su25, A-10C
*Edit: Fixed issues with radio calls, added more AI cap for Red side (every 20 minutes a flight of 23MLDs, or su-27s). Modified the aircrafts that can be called in so they start from the runway (took them 5-10 minutes to take off).

*Edit 2: The whole patriot site does NOT need to be eliminated, only the radar and the launcher (see pic creech)

*Edit 3: RU ground units start to advance once us patrol is dead, no need to call them via radio, fixed mission end parameters.
*Edit 4: Modified playable aircraft so they start on the runway, this way no waiting time for the wingman to take off.
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Теги: Mig-29, Su27, Su25, A-10C, Nevada map