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Ossetia Rebellion V1.0

Загрузил - hawx2fan
Дата - 17.07.2015 23:50:47
A large multiplayer mission set in Georgia that can hold up to 60 players, lots of mini missions and can last up to 4 hours

March 6 2015: South Ossetia demanded more territory in return for Ammo supply's. Having their request denied, the South Ossetia and Ukrainian army attacked Georgia and captured over 80% of its land including many airports in the area. Georgian forces are almost completely wiped out, so Russian forces came to aid and backed by the U.S. and many other allied country's.

BLUE: Allied forces

BLUE AIRPORT: Sochi, Kobuleti, Batumi, Nalchik, Mosdok, Beslan

RED: South Ossetia Ukraine and Insurgents

RED AIRPORTS: Gudauta, Sukhumi, Senaki, Kutaisi, Min vody, Tiblisi, Soganlug, Vaziani

Small Disclaimer: Completely fictional story, none of this actually happened, just thought it would be fun :)
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