Separatists Aggressions Campaign Missions 1,2,3 and 4(new)

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A-10C Warthog

Separatists Aggressions Campaign Missions 1,2,3 and 4(new)

Загрузил - Graywo1f
Дата - 17.01.2012 13:25:33
Multiplayer Campaign by Graywo1f

Separatists Aggressions - Fly with 8 A10's and 4 Ka50's in an epic Coop where Georgia and NATO invade Abkhazia after relations were decimated. South Ossetia also plays a part in a few missions that will be added later on. In this mission series there will be a main objective, followed by coordinates given to you for airstrikes as secondary tasks. Entering coordinates on the CDU for A10 is a must. There is plenty to do for the KA50 providing close air support for the invading forces. JTAC is included, Tanker as well. An action packed mission full of hours of fun.



The year is 2014.... Relations are strained once again between Georgia and its separatists regions. Abkhazia has become greatly angry towards Georgia and the US. Angry because Georgia has allowed US Military bases to be built in the region because of their war with Iran. That and the recent power grab in Abkhazia by a military regime leader, who for the past few years has vastly expanded the Abkhazian militia, building tanks IFV's and small arms faster than MacGyver! Also the regime is allegedly using violence against Georgians inside Abkhazia. South Ossetia is backing Abkhazia and insurgents fr om South Ossetia seem to be mobilizing....

All this has caught the eyes of NATO, who has begun supplying Georgia.  Georgia is crying out for help fr om the international community. Saying that Abkhazian troops are committing genocide on Georgians! Any attempt by the Georgian military to cross the boarders to rescue civilians has resulted in clashes by opposing forces and mercenaries that the regime has brought in.

NATO is now in Georgia with limited force, who with the Georgians, will invade Abkhazia, while also keeping a close eye on South Ossetia. The US has deployed lim ited forces in Georgia, including a squadron of A10's and F15's for CAP. The brunt of airstrikes will have to be carried out via A10's and Georgian Su25's.

The NATO and Georgian invading force will have to rely heavily on airpower and with lim ited aircraft in the region, there is a lot weighing on your shoulders to get the job done.

Your job is to cooperate with NATO command receiving coordinates for airstrikes, interdiction missions, and to provide air cover to ground forces in Abkhazia with AFAC help if needed.

Being able to enter lat long coordinates in this mission is a must.
About Russia
Russia has said it would be a..... bad idea to cross the boarder into their airspace... so try not to.... They have been awfully quiet during this whole mess.... US and Russian relations have backpedaled a tad, because of US bases on their boarder. Russia has become more hands off with Georgia, since their long hated regime leader Mikheil Saakashvili did not retain power after last years elections. Since Saakashvili did loose, Russia pulled all of their troops out of the separatists regions because of the destabilizing region, and the troops being needed in Chechnya with things heating up there again.
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