USAF 616 - Yeager's MiG

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USAF 616 - Yeager's MiG

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Дата - 07.04.2015 03:40:10
USAF 616 - Captured MiG-15bis via North Korean defector, test flown by USAF Gen. Chuck Yeager (Ret.)

While this particular acft wore a number of markings, the vast majority of documentation shows this captured North Korean aircraft in #616 USAF basic livery - test flown by - among other pilots - USAF General Chuck Yeager.

Makes a nice addition to your MiG-15bis if you also download my US-Units English Cockpit (, as the USAF reports indicate that Yeager and the boys refused to fly with Metric instruments, and instead had US standard altimeters and IAS gauges installed.

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