Su-33 (FICTIONAL) "Dyavoly Squadron" skin - Gold

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Su-33 (FICTIONAL) "Dyavoly Squadron" skin - Gold

Тип - Текстура
Автор - BelGeode
Дата - 22.03.2015 17:42:01
This skin is my fictional creation, which I use in my youtube videos (youtube user Belgeode). I am uploading it by popular request. It is loosely based on the Kazakhstan Su-34 fighter/bomber skin in use IRL, with a fair bit of creative license by myself.

The name Dyavoly means devils, and it was my idea for an "elite carrier based fighter unit" for the Russians, similar to US Navy conventions.

This version contains a gold backdrop to the devil logo, which in my series I use to denote air to air tasked jets.

To install:

Unzip to the DCS World > Bazar > Su-33 folder.

That's it. Happy flying!
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