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Загрузил - Ergo4242
Дата - 10.03.2015 21:34:00
This is a dota style mission with single lane for MP and SP

Every 3 minutes, new armor groups spawn and march on enemy base on a random path. There is no missile threat, only some Shilka. Pick your side, destroy enemy armor. When a ground group reaches enemy base, team score increases. There are also constant AI CAS and CAP flight spawns.

Detailed information on battle flow:
4xT-55 : Spawns every 3 mins, marches enemy base on random path.
1xShilka : Spawns every 15 mins, marches enemy base on random path.
1xA10C : Spawns every 12 mins 17nm behind armor units with 2xmk82 and rockets, performs CAS. Able to take out 4 vehicles if left unchecked.
1xF15C for blue, 1xSu27 for red: Spawns every 30 mins 30nm behind armor units with 4xAIM-9M or 4xR-73, performs CAP. Brings chaos to battlefield, good dogfights to watch and intervene.

Red 4xA10C 4xKA50 4xSu-27
Blue 4xA10C 4xKA50 4xF15C

v0.2.1: Fixed time interval setting

Forum thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=140518
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