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A-10C Warthog

Standby CSAR

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Дата - 16.10.2011 23:13:35
Coalition air forces are operating south of Maykop this morning against enemy ground and air units scattered throughout the area north of the Georgian border.  

Sandy 51/52 and Sandy 71/72 are flying standby/airborne CSAR patrol off the coast, southwest of the coalition area of operations.  

Co-op 4 player.  2-2.5 hr flight time.  Mission built with randomized scenarios for re-playability, as well as over 30 voice-over radio messages for immersion (thus the large 8MB mission file size).

Should CSAR support be needed, command will notify CSAR flights with last known coordinates of a downed aircraft to begin a grid search for the pilot(s).  Be prepared to accept L/L coordinates.

Sandy aircraft should 1) locate the pilot, 2) secure and defend the pilot from incoming threats, and 3) facilitate safe ingress/egress of SAR helicopters for extraction of pilot.

Sandy 51 and Sandy 71 are uniquely equipped with the AN/ARS-6 airborne search and rescue transceiver. Both A-10s will be able to use this system independently to perform a search for a downed pilot.  The system is on by default, and will provide distinct tones/messages at a 6000m radius, 3000m radius, and 1000m radius from a downed pilot.  Simply follow the tones into the pilot and the pilot should then confirm their position and "visual" via radio message, flares, and/or smoke.  A good technique for a search is to begin at initial coordinates and make increasing circles away from this point until tones are found.

Sandy 52 and Sandy 72 are NOT equipped with the AN/ARS-6 system, though they will hear the tones of their lead's system during the search operation.

NOTE that downed pilots are instructed to not use flares and/or smoke until they have visual confirmation with friendly aircraft in close proximity.  Thus, do not expect pilot(s) to use these marks unless you are at a low-enough altitude (typically under 10,000 ft).



SANDY 51/52:

Takeoff, proceed to SP "CHIEF" and orbit on-station for CSAR support, if required.

SANDY 71/72:

Takeoff, proceed to SP "INDIAN" and orbit on-station for CSAR support, if required.

Coalition Forces:
Overlord 1-1, 1x E2-D, 124.0
Uzi 4-1, 2x F16A (Belgium)
Enfield 1-1, 4x F-15C (USA) CAP

CSAR Task Force:
Sandy 51/52, 2x A-10C
Sandy 71/72, 2x A-10C
Colt 6-2, 2x F-16C (USA) RESCAP*
Springfield 1-1, 2x UH-60 SAR*
Texaco 2-1, 1x KC-135, TCN 10X, 155.0*
*Indicates ground stand-by

Package comms is 124.0

Mostly cloudy skies, varaiable cloud base/ceiling.  Coastal fog.  

Low radar/IR SAM threats in area of operations (AO), high SAM threats in areas west, north, and east of the AO (see tactical map).  Expect mobile AAA (ZSU 23 and 23-4) and armored units.  Enemy helos are high probability.

2x AGM-65D
6x Mk82
2x CBU-87
7x M-156 WP Rockets
TGP, ALQ-131 CM Pod
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