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A-10C Warthog

Last Hope

Загрузил - roiegat
Дата - 15.10.2011 22:30:35
A great multiplayer hour long mission with moving targets, SAM threat, AAA threat.  

The mission is designed to be done in about an hour max.  Ideally a four person crew could probably run it in about 30-40 minutes.  It proved to be a great mission to work as a team and cordinate attacks on.

I'd like to get some feedback on it to improve it.  I kept the models in it low so it can load easy and frame rates are good.  But this by no means makes it any easier to accomplish!

The enemy forces have taken over all the bases leaving us with only Batumi.  They have made a crucial error in logistics and Kubuleti air base is short on fuel.  We must stop fuel from getting to the base, otherwise the Mig-29's will fuel up and generate air superiority in the region.  This will lead to an attack on Batumi and the end of the war.

A fuel tanker has arrived by sea on the western shore to supply for the base.  It's offloaded into fuel tankers who are accompaned by some light AAA.  The tanker ship is accompanied by a submarine to ensure no coallition naval ships attack it.

Primary Objective:
-Destroy Fuel tankers and support AAA vehicles
Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy Tanker Ship
-Destroy aircraft/helicopters at Kobuleti
-Destroy Transport Aircraft at Kobuleti
-Deskrop all anti-air threats at Kobuleti

Fuel tankers are escorted by light AAA trucks.
Kobuleti has several mobile SAM sites in place and mobile AAA.
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