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Prepare for an immersive series of campaigns OUTPOST, that places you at the forefront of real combat operations within the Syrian Arab Republic.In the intricate geopolitical landscape, Syria stands as a pivotal outpost for both Russia and the United States. Beyond being a battleground against terrorism, it has become a theater where these global powers engage in a nuanced struggle for their strategic interests and shapes the course of international relations.

The inaugural segment focuses on the Mi-24, guiding participants through pivotal events in Syria's liberation from terrorist forces between 2012 and 2018 as part of the Red Coalition. Encounter a meticulously crafted experience comprising 15 missions, each meticulously designed based on real occurrences.

Embark on the MI-24 OUTPOST campaign, where you'll explore prominent landmarks across the Syrian map, including Beirut, Damascus, Aleppo, and Palmyra. Immerse yourself in the genuine historical events that unfolded in these iconic locations.Take a journey to significant airbases such as Khmeimim, Marj Ruhail, Abu ad Duhur, Mezze, Kuwaires, and Tiyas.

Engage actively as you contribute to pivotal battles, including the Battle of Aleppo, the historic Battle of Damascus, and the critical Battle of Palmyra. Stone Sky's attention to detail and meticulous approach to development are poised to surpass your expectations.

Pubblicazione: 10.04.2024

Key Features:

  • 15 immersive missions based on a true story
  • Custom liveries for KA-50-III, KC-135, JF-17, Su-27 and Su-33
  • Over 100 custom kneeboard pages, charts and maps