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Flight Simulation
Lockonskins is a dedicated Lomac site hosting all skins, movies, missions and mods. It has an upload system so you can host your Lockon creations.
Skins manager, Lock On
Aviator's site
The Ironhand Training Site. The Best training!
LockOn Modern Air Combat
Fly Away Simulation. Freeware flight sim downloads and add-ons
Spanish aviation site
Moscow Virtual Flight Training Centre (VFTC) site. VFTC team is prosecuting the virtual flight training by real methods of Russian Air Force.
The Virtual Thunderbirds aerobatic team site. Here you can find the team's forum, screenshots archive, video files and information.
The White Ravens Virtual aerobatic team site
LOMAC files
The Lomac League is a place where you can pit your skills against the best and follow your ranking in the online competition ladders.
Serbian Virtual Fighters
The site of Cyber Airforce Pilots
Turkish squadron site
On this site you can find utilites which are frequently using with LockOn.
LockOn and Flaming Cliffs dedicated server of Solo Elite Team who has been around for more than 7 years in flight sims.
"Falcoesdanoite" (Nightfalcons) is the first and only Brazilian Squad to fly LockOn and Flaming Cliffs.
German Lock On Wing Huge download database with Lock On Movies, Aviation Videos, Skins, Missions, Tools, Mods, and many other files...
Lockonfiles hosts skins, mods, movies, missions and forums. Users can also upload their work.
Reservoirs virtual Elite =RvE= squadron home. Check the website of the respected squadron who has been around for more then 7 years in flight sims.
Escuadron Piratas
The German Lock On Forum
French fighter school on LockOn: Flaming Cliffs
DCS Turkey - Turkish Virtual Air Force and community for DCS World
Virtual aerobatic team from Poland
DCS: Ustav Virtualnich Pilotu. Czech DCS web site
Berkuts international virtual aerobatic team site. Here you can find aerobatic movies, screenshots, photos and address of aerobatic server.
Aerobatics display team "Virtual Red Arrows".
Online Flightsim Squadron "War Hawks"
141st Wolf Squadron and Turkish Lock On support forum
Free school of Aerobatics in French. Public demonstrations in Switzerland is a US based virtual Tactical Group currently comprised of DCS A-10C and Ka-50 squadrons.
Israeli flight simulation community site
Ukrainian Virtual Air Force,
Site and forum =RAF= (Russian Air Force)
49th Virtual Fighter Wing
11° GAVnt - Ursae Minoris - UMi
Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana - Italian Virtual Military Flight Community
AlphaJetTeam - French Flight Community

Patrick's Aviation Website hosts high quality aviation media and information on all aspects and interests within aviation.

Discord Servers

Official Eagle Dynamics Discord

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Grim Reapers

Aerobatics Online

Black Shark Den

Tactical DCS

Through The Inferno

DCS Shadowlands

DCS Rotorheads


Dynamic DCS 

DCS World events (SATAL)

N15 Battle Axes (Indian region)  

MVP | Korea1952

Виртуальный пилот (Virtual Pilot russian community )

DCS Livery art group

DCS Modding Hub

Wolf pack



Virgin Australia

NO.20 Squadron WW2 Server