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DCS: World 2.5
IR/FLIR Blur Fix
Tipo - Mod
Autore - Statua
Data - 26.11.2020 06:45:38
Removes the blur effect from the FLIR for a more clear picture.
  • Licenza: Gratuito - Versione gratuita, distribuzione illimitata
  • Lingua: Tutte le lingue
  • Dimensione: 3.15 Kb
  • Scaricato: 234
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MadTommy's HawgTouch profiles & application (without gauges)
Tipo - Utilità
Autore - MadTommy
Data - 04.07.2013 09:03:24
These are my HawgTouch profiles.  Includes A10c, Ka50 & Su25T

NB:  This is MY profile, it will need to be adapted to your setup.  Please refer to this thread:

A long time ago I had intended to release a polished and well explained set of profiles: I ran out of energy/passion and and sat on these files for ages.  Rather than just letting them go to waste here they are.

There are some good graphics included that everyone is free to use for whatever reason they wish.

I'll upload all my psd and ai files if anyone what's to make more profiles.

All credit for this app goes to ClearDark.  Unfortunately it appears support is no more and he is inactive.
  • Licenza: Gratuito - Versione gratuita, distribuzione illimitata
  • Lingua: Inglese
  • Dimensione: 3.86 Mb
  • Scaricato: 1009
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