Hueyman's new sound mod - 1.2.7 Only

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UH-1H Huey
Hueyman's new sound mod - 1.2.7 Only

Hueyman's new sound mod - 1.2.7 Only

Tipo - Audio
Autore - Hueyman
Data - 07.02.2014 20:47:25
Bell UH-1 Huey authentic soundpack

Hi everyone,

Here is my modest contribution to the marvelous Belsimtek Bell UH-1H Huey Helicopter.

I got tired to have some great helicopter sounds but which were kinda far from what I hear when I see a real Huey. So I decided to play a bit with my favorite audio software that is Reaper, and work a little bit ! These sounds come from HQ real Huey footage, and are simply mixed together by me ( only work and adjustments work )

Now I'm very happy with the results !

Feedback much appreciated ;-)

Enjoy !

Finely tuned for 1.2.7
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