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DCS World Su-25T Menu Wallpaper Mod

Tipo - Altro
Caricata da - BorisHH
Data - 07.05.2013 08:09:47
This small mod changes the default Su-25T wallpaper with something more akin to the other modules, to replace the somewhat bland screenshot.

The image quality will be a little worse than that of the official DCS modules, since the sourced image was only 1024x768. It was the best I could get without having to paint a picture myself.

The source image is from the box art of KP Models Su-25 UB/UBK. All credit for the original painting goes to the original artist and KP Models.

To install just copy the contents of the "Su-25T Menu Wallpaper Mod" directory to the DCS World base directory.

JSGME users can just copy the folder to the jsgmemods directory and activate (recommended for backup). See this guide for more information: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98607
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