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F-16C Viper

F-16 Wolfpack - Splinter Wolf

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Data - 28.11.2022 06:57:16
Wolfpack - Splinter Wolf

This F-16 skin I made to go with the Wolfpack Apache skin I made. This is a skin pack and includes 9 skins. 1 As pictured the others personalized for Veteran Members of the Wolfpack with whom I recently flown with.

If you enjoy DCS and want to learn more and possibly participate in the “multiplayer” aspect of the game but don't know where to start, I’d like to tell you about the Wolf Pack discord community.  We are a group of DCS and aviation enthusiasts based out of the US with active members from across the globe in nearly every timezone.  Wolf Pack membership requires no training or set schedule and anyone who joins our Discord has full access minus admin areas of course.

We are not a squadron, rather a community of over 12+ servers made up of every aspect of DCS from WWII PvP/PvE missions to our Modern Jet Competition team.  We just stood up an A-10 Unit “Mud Movers” that schedules weekly training.  Come check out their #weekly-training-syllabus for more details.  We also have a “Liberation Campaign” mission every Sunday.  We host a modern jet mission on Thursdays open to anyone, no training required.  I could go on as there are too many activities to list them all.

We are very fortunate to partner with Whiskey Bravo Simulations who is hosting a 24/7 mission called "Operation Inherent Resolve".  This is a mission modeled after the real world operation in which Combined Joint Task Forces were attempting to eliminate ISIS from Syria and Iraq. In the WBS rendition of the operation, CJTF pilots will fly both logistics and close air support missions in an effort to assist Syrian Democratic Forces in eliminating ISIS from parts of Syria.  Check out #info in the WP 03 - WHISKEY BRAVO section for server and password information.

As I said we are a DCS Community, so if you are a member of another DCS group we’d love to hear from you.  Stop by and tell us about your discord and share a link in #introduce-yourself.  We would love to collaborate with other DCS communities and Squadrons.

At the end of the day our only focus is to enjoy DCS with others from around the world.

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