Ace Combat - Erusean Air Force 15th Fighter Squadron 'Ruler'

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Ace Combat - Erusean Air Force 15th Fighter Squadron 'Ruler'

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Ace Combat Erusean Air Force 15th Fighter Squadron 'Ruler" AH64D Livery. Ace Combat/Fate Anime Series livery.

Ace Combat Erusean Air Force Fate inspired skin for the AH64D Apache.

With a history dating back to the start of the Erusean Air Force, the 15th Fighter Squadron “Rulers” (Listed as 15e Escadron de Chasse in all Erusean Air Force documents) helped pioneer military aviation on the Usean continent. Flying in the early 1940’s in their then state of the art Dassault M.D.450 ‘Ouragan’, the squadron earned some of the first jet kills recorded in the Erusean Air Force and quickly their service record would be distinguished in the years following becoming well known in Erusean military circles for their adept use of the Mach 2 capable Dassault Mirage F1 interceptors. Unfortunately, As one of the few ‘Royalist’ Squadrons, the Rulers were a victim of the changes made by the Federal Erusean government following the coup that ousted the sitting Royal family of Erusea. Pilots not killed or exiled were then shuffled off into other squadrons, Notably, the 1431 Weapons and Tactics unit.

Select Pilots were given the opportunity to operate AH64Ds as a Close Air Support and Escort function, conducting Reconnaissance and Strike operations when required. The Apache crews grew to love their platforms, enjoying how efficient the aircraft was able to perform no matter the conditions.

Crews wear modern camo with custom patches and helmet design.
NOTE: This is not a lore friendly livery, as it is mixed between Ace Combat and the Fate Anime series.
MADE BY AWACS_Bandog for JSpectre (Now Stringsly)
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