Highway's Mach Loop - Su-25T Edition

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DCS: World 2.7

Highway's Mach Loop - Su-25T Edition

Autore - Highwayman-Ed
Data - 26.01.2022 09:02:43
The Mach Loop, recreated in Georgia! Fly through the gates as fast as you can

A series of 140 gates are laid out in the valley before you. covering 62nm, 400ft AGL.

The Su-25T carries a lot of inertia, and I found her one of the most challenging to fly the course in, so keep your turns coordinated and an eye on the path ahead of you, not just the next gate.

If you find the soundtrack distracting, simply tune to another ATC frequency.

A Grade - 13 Minutes
B Grade - 14 Minutes
C Grade - 15 Minutes
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Tags: Race, Gates, Su-25T