RCAF CF-5 419 Squadron 'Ghost' Scheme

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DCS: World 2.7
F-5E Tiger
RCAF CF-5 419 Squadron 'Ghost' Scheme

RCAF CF-5 419 Squadron 'Ghost' Scheme

Tipo - Livrea
Autore - Megalax
Data - 23.05.2021 22:49:54
RCAF 'Ghost' Livery for the F-5E with 419 SQN tail marking.

This skin is made to be enjoyed with the Unofficial Roughmet patch installed. Please make sure you have this before using this skin as it will not work properly without it.

Link to the Roughmet patch:

05/31/2021 - I've updated the download to include the necessary roughmet PBR textures, even though I still highly recommend Fallen's roughmet patch.
The folder structure is included in the extra zip file. When you are finished you should have 2 folders in *DCS Version*\CoreMods\aircraft\F-5E\Textures - the default zip file and a regular folder with the same name as the zip file. The regular folder contains the PBR textures and is required to get rid of the metal texture on the rear of the fuselage and to get the external fuel tanks to render properly. Do not put the PBR textures directly into the zip as that may break IC if you play online.

Template by lee1hy.

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