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DCS: World 2.5
24 Hours In The UN - Mi8 EDITION

24 Hours In The UN - Mi8 EDITION

Autore - stevanj
Data - 13.04.2021 13:53:54
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You are Sandra Hernandez, a helicopter pilot.
Now retired you work as a sub-contractor for a local Air Logistics Agency.
Youve been called in to operate the UN's Mi8 in and around Beirut. On call for the next 24 Hours..
Take Off from Beirut International Airport and head into the City for your Briefing..
How many tasks can you do?
Your Co-Pilot will give you instructions as you need them, make sure you focus on task in hand.. One wrong move, and its over..
Show the CoPilot and the UN what youre capable of..
Trailer for original mission https://youtu.be/0To0glVa69o (Near exact same mission- just in the Huey)
A hot start fr om Beirut International- as you fly into the City your copilot will find you tasks and advise you on wh ere to go..
Missions are generated automatically- If youre given a mission you dont like, just fly over Beirut and then back to the city to get a different one.


*****Mission UPD ATED at 32 downloads, Changes made to increase the threshold of landing areas to accomodate the Dopplers inconsistant AGL readings on landing.*****

Ive ported this mission to the Mi8, Landing areas have been changed to fit the larger airframe and tasks have been adjusted to accomodate the increase in lifting capacity..
If ive missed ANYTHING, Just let me know, and ill fix it.
If you havent yet played the Huey version- PLAY THAT FIRST!
This isnt easy, and ive still added a 'hard version' with wind, and light limitations.

Mission 1 (Land near the Docks) is for the beginners.. Big LZ's and more emphasis on flying.
Mission 2 (Land in the Stadium) is for advanced pilots.. Small LZ's more emphasis on technical flying.

Mission 1 and 2 should never have the same ending twice in a row, as we used a 'Se t Random Value' variable to decide the second layer of each mission.
If you get the same ending twice in a row, its luck.
Each Mission 1, and 2, Have 3 possible endings. Giving you a total of 14 tasks..
Mission 3 has 13 possible LZ's around Beirut City.. Some only just large enough for the Huey.

If you dont like the Mission youve been given at the start (ie You get Air Ambulance - Mission 3), Just fly back over Beirut Airport, and then head back into the city!
This will change your task to a different one.

Ideally you'll want to learn FM Navigation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLCc-tGaDRY)..
Your Copilot will usually be specific on what to do and where to fly but there are search and rescue missions.
And also Note that the Hospital's Landing Pad is not yet landable, so youll need to land in front.
Although the triggers will allow you to land on there once Syria is out of Beta, and they fix the pad.

This took me a day to port, for a chap that wanted the mission.
We've spent over an hour bug finding, and playing the mission to see if all the triggers work- We cant cover everything, so your help in finding bugs is welcome.
And there is still a bug on Mission 1!
Once you land at the Docks, the game freezes for a few (sometimes more) seconds while the statics in the war-zone load.. And then later on you have to pick up Delta Force (If you get that ending) and sometimes they run away before coming back (Control and Z helps them speed up and into the Mi8) thats it..
Its always greatful if you can tell us if you find any more, so we can fix them straight away for you..
We're always available on https://www.reddit.com/r/CombatSimulator/ If you have any requests or bugs Just leave a post..

Install to \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\
This mission is all DCS, no mods, no scripts, just DCS and its beauty.
Please only download this, from the DCS website

NOTE! If you do this and youre looking for an even bigger challenge, just set the mission to 10 PM and add dynamic weather..
If youd like to have a mission for another module, Just let us know...
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