Merge with the AI in a 1v1 DCM fight

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
Merge with the AI in a 1v1 DCM fight

Merge with the AI in a 1v1 DCM fight

Autore - ralch
Data - 20.01.2021 00:09:58
This is a little mission showing how you can fight and merge with the AI and make the AI not shooting their missiles until after the merge.     However if you flight too straight into the merge, the AI will shoot their guns at you.

This is how you can make the AI not shoot their missiles until after the merge:  First you remove the CAP task from the AI in waypoint 1.   Then you setup a custom task and trigger when you actually merge.   You can see how everything works together in this mission.  

If you simply want to use this mission as is, and you want to change the AI to another jet, you simply sel ect the desired jet and after that make sure you delete the CAP task in waypoint 1 for the AI.

This mission includes some voice sounds fr om AC and from the BFM campaigns in DCS world, they are not really required.  They are just there for debugging fun...

By the way, try to shoot the F-5 with guns from behind (not with head-on shots), it's a good practice challenge specially when you have some days away from DCS.  

This mission uses the Normandy map.
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