Blades of Steel - Syria [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element

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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
Blades of Steel - Syria [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element

Blades of Steel - Syria [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element

Autore - ElementLT
Data - 09.12.2020 13:31:39
Blades of Steel : After the Syrian President was assassinated, that country fell into civil war as various groups fight for power. The city of Damascus is currently under siege by ruthless insurgents. Major airports and Syrian strongholds have been captured. As part of the Combined Joint Task Force (blue) we are to push the insurgents (red) out of Damascus and return peace to the city.

Blades of Steel - is a PvE sandbox operation for all current DCS World helicopter modules and Syria Map. You are able to play many different rolls from troop transport ops to recapturing airfields to completing ground strikes/attacks. Mission can also be play in singleplayer or multiplayer. This mission will provide hours and hours of flying fun with over 100+ different LZs an even an option for Live Player Stats using my already included and installed EasyStats script.

- 100+ LZs for Troop Transport Ops
- Troop Insertions
- Troop Extractions
- Combat Search and Rescue Operations (CSAR)
- Ground Attack / Strike Missions
- EasyStats for live player stats ver 1.0.1 Updated

You will need to edit your MissionScripting.lua file.

Edit your MissionScripting.lua ("C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts") so EasyStats may create and save data.
Comment out sanitizeModule('os'), sanitizeModule('io'), sanitizeModule('lfs'), and require

It should look something like this...
      require = nil
      loadlib = nil

Strike / Ground Attack Missions
Use menu to check for the latest targets for your unit. Also use F10 map to pinpoint its location. These will include convoys, SAM & EWR sites, as well as airfields and road outposts ect.

Troop Transport Operations

Inserts, Extractions, CSAR
If you choose one of these roles and if troops are required they will be loaded and/or spawned automatically. No need to load troops via CTLD menu.

Plan your route wisely!
After you are assigned a mission and doing a transport operation be sure to check the F10 map so you may avoid problematic areas such as SAM sites, outposts, and strike/ground operation areas as they may provide a serious threat to your Huey or Mi8. You may wish to go around to avoid these areas during your mission.

Manually Loading Infantry Troops - CTLD Menu
Transport helos also have the options to transport troops into battle at any one of the current Strike / Ground Attack operations. Just be sure to drop troops within 3000 Meters of a target and troops will march and attack target.

Check out the F10 Map for current ground/attack missions.
Use the CTLD -> Transport menu to load troops.
Most of these operations will be very tough for transport helios alone.  
Load troops at White Smoke at airfields or anywhere on a FARP.

Things to Know:
Ambush Attacks: Uh1 Hueys and Mi8s will need to stay vigilant as its very possible you may be attacked randomly by insurgents while in Enemy Territory.  
SAM Threats: SAM Threats are very likely , fast and low is the way to go when performing troop transport ops

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Change  Log / Updates

12-10-2020 - LZ's fill smoke during the day, and flare during night time ops
12-11-2020 - Fixed bug with CSAR tasks
12-15-202 - Added 10 additional CSAR tasks and cleaned up a few LZs that were a bit difficult to land.
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