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F/A-18C Hornet

F/A-18C wrong-carrier tags

Tipo - Livrea
Caricata da - Bipolarbear
Data - 07.10.2020 17:55:18
Ever landed on the wrong carrier? Tried to land on the supercarrier without owning it? Thought nobody noticed? You should be so lucky! Wear the skin of shame, marked with graffiti from the deck crew to atone for your sins

Inspired by real-life graffiti left on aircraft which landed on the wrong ship, this skins is adored with signatures, insults and jokes at the expense of the pilot (you), courtesy of the deck and aircrew of the John C Stennis and Carrier Air Group 9

Just for fun, have a little laugh at yourself

To install, simply unizp the folder in Saved Games > DCS > Liveries > FA-18C_hornet or wherever you usually install your skins.

Feedback is always welcome. You can reach me on reddit at /user/onetruebipolarbear/
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