A-10C II Tank-Killer Munitions Training (V 2.0) - Persian Gulf

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DCS: World 2.7
A-10C II Tank Killer

A-10C II Tank-Killer Munitions Training (V 2.0) - Persian Gulf

Autore - Malfoy7
Data - 30.09.2020 16:31:48
This is a Freeplay style Training Mission suitable for pilots of all skill levels in Singleplayer and up to 27 players in Multiplayer
The Mission covers every A/G Weapon the A-10C II has in it's arsenal
Use this Mission to practice Weapon Employment and different Functions with no threat from the enemy

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For a more strategic flavour there is also Takeoff/ Hot Start/ Cold start spawns, each involving a short flight to the practice range

If you like the Mission give it a rating and/or let me know in the comments
If you don't, drop a comment to tell me what needs improving!

Also comment if you would like me to replicate the Mission for any other Aircraft

Version Log:
1.0 - Initial release, everything weapon A/G
1.1 - Tweaked spawn heights and distance // Reduced starting fuel in tanker practice spawn
1.2 - Added missing payload on Laser rocket spawns
1.3 - Added missing TGP to Laser rocket spawns
1.4 - Added TGP to all Weapon spawns/ Added more bombs onto certain spawns
2.0 - Added 2.7 DCS Weather / Fixed irregularities across my other missions
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