F-16 Belgian Air Force 10w FA-95 New Paintscheme V3.0

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F-16C Viper
F-16 Belgian Air Force 10w FA-95 New Paintscheme V3.0

F-16 Belgian Air Force 10w FA-95 New Paintscheme V3.0

Tipo - Livrea
Autore - Gunfighter06
Data - 26.07.2020 14:22:39
*UPDATE* 12/2020: V2.1: Added textures for the CFT mod, to have a fitting MLU tail extension!
This is a photoreal recreation of the Belgian Air Force F-16Mlu FA-95 as it is seen flying around the skies these days. The stenciling and weathering is about as accurate as it will get, there's reinforcement plates,  custom 300 and 370 gallon fuel tanks and a PW-100 like nozzle! A desert flightsuit  for the pilot and tigertanks are included.

Due to the filesize being over 300mb you will have to download a .psd here with a link to the file, sorry for the extra step ;) !!

*UPDATE* 12/2020 V3.0: UPDATE 12/2020: V3.0: Overhauled stencils, added missing panels, redone weathering, NEW NOZZLE TEXTURE!
*UPDATE* 09/2020: Added custom normal maps to create Reinforcement plates, seen on MLU vipers at structural points.
FA-95 was one of the first jets of 10W to be repainted in the new 'low-viz' paintscheme, with the gray stencils. Recently it was photographed with the 2016 Tiger-painted fuel tanks and an extra ejection seat warning stencil, which is recreated in this livery.
This jet is not super weathered, but every leak and stain has been recreated!

This skin is a collaboration between myself and "Wolfthrower" who did an incredible job on creating every stencil, down to the panel numbers for we which we had more than 4 months of research, material gathering and asset creation.  
The exchange of ideas and expertise helped this project to achieve the highest level of quality we can provide for a viper skin.
This skin features:
*Accurate representation of the hi-viz stencils.
*New Nozzle PW-like textures!
*Features all BAF Reinforcement or Stiffener plates, added into the Normal maps
*Photo-accurate weathering of FA-95, with highly detailed roughmets, giving it the typical 'viper shine'
* Added missing panels all across the aircraft, most notably between the ventral fins.
* Custom PW-like nozzle with normal maps
* Custom normal map for a more worn look
*  completely done external cockpit texture
* over 120 Vector decals and labels correctly placed in their real life locations.
* 521 panel number labels. individually placed in their correct real life places.  
* glare shield labels and bolts placed in their real life locations. matching roughmet's and newly created normal map.
*New ejection seat texture
*Custom fuel tanks and  weahtered Pylons
*Little easter eggs ;)

A readme is included with install instructions!
I hope you will enjoy flying and looking at this livery.
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