Find the 2 SSK 877's and destroy them

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DCS: World 2.5
P-51D Mustang

Find the 2 SSK 877's and destroy them

Autore - ctguy1955
Data - 24.04.2020 03:00:07
Find the 2 SSK 877's  and destroy them

I started out with just a few speedboats with just a red dot showing them as an enemy, and I spent a long time trying to find the sub.  I added another sub, and two fires
near the Batumi airport so when You look back, You may be able to tell where You are.       As it was, I tried 2 times knowing I only had to head east and west to find the
line of ships and it was hard, so I just added a bunch of tankers to help find them.    You can always delete the tankers and try it the way I did with one sub, it was time
consuming and hard. ( for me anyway ).

I spent a month with NO FLYING as my PC was down because I needed to wait for parts to change my tubing and fittings and coolant.  

  Sure is nice to be able to fly myself and not just watch others on YouTube doing it !!!

Clear Skies and have fun... Stay safe
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