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DCS: World 2.5
Afterburner color/opacity fix

Afterburner color/opacity fix

Type - Mod
Author - Clorydric
Date - 04.12.2019 07:55
Shaders FX edits to make the afterburner more realistic
Less visible in daytime, glowing white/purple at night

Just a little effect edit to make a more realistic afterburner.
Color and opacity now depends on sun (maybe also moon) intensity.
Red-orange and almost invisible under a bright sunlight ; more visible with a purple/white-ish tint at night.

This is a *.fx edit and should pass IC for multiplayer (not extensively tested in MP, please report if you have issues).
It may not work (properly) for some aircrafts. Tested with Su-27/-33, F-5E, F-15C without issue, but it doesn't work (ATM) with the Tomcat or Viggen (probably using a custom afterburner shader).

I added a bunch of comments in the lua, so if you want to change opacity or colors, you can DIY...
If you have questions or comments, you can also head to the forum thread :

Confirmed working with : F-5E3 ; F-15C ; F-16C ; F-18C (uses a different texture, result will be more blue-ish) ; M-2000C ; Su-27 ; Su-29 ; MiG-21 ; MiG-29 ; J-11A ; most AI aircrafts having AB (Tu-22M, Su-34, F-15E...)
NOT WORKING with : Player AJS-37 ; F-14B (not using the same AB effect)
HAVING ISSUE/NOT COMPATIBLE WITH : AI AJS-37 (AB trail is really too short) ; JOKERACTS's AB texture mod (User files ID 2896709 ; .dds lacks an alpha channel)

You may also expect issues with mods replacing "\DCSWorld\Bazar\Effects\ParticleSystem2\". Please note this texture may also be in other folders (ex. \DCSWorld\Bazar\TempTextures\).
If the afterburner looks like a big cylinder, you're probably using an AB texture mod without alpha channel, remove it.

INSTALL -------------------
Pick one variant (subfolder) and extract it's /Bazar/ folder into DCS World main directory and overwrite. A backup of the original afterburner.fx is also included.
(only variant °1 has been tested...)

CHANGELOG -----------------
2019-11-17 : v1
- Initial release

2019-11-24 : v2
- AB trail color was slightly changed for night, should be a little more white
- Noticed some noise was ADDED to the opacity, hence the hard cut visible when you push AB to 100%. Used another way to add noise, so that the end of the trail will remain fully transparent. As a side-effect, the trail may appear a little shorter. (Sorry, I REALLY can't do anything about that, it would break IC)

2019-11-25 : v3
- Changed variable used by heat blur effect. Should be less noisy when flying (but doesn't change the blur when you're on the ground).
Thanks Harker for the tip !

2019-12-04 : v4
- Added some variants.
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