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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Operation St. Michael

Caricata da - TheHighwayman
Data - 22.07.2019 04:29:09
Iran has seized a Ukrainian ship and crew with an American "VIP" aboard. The U.S. government has ordered he be rescued from a facility on Qeshm Island before he can be transferred to the mainland. Your mission as an F-18 pilot is to provide cover for the operation.

I have also made a version of this mission that is playable from the Iranian perspective.

Feedback welcome. Please let me know if any changes or fixes are needed, or if you like the mission or not. Your feedback helps me do a better job building other missions, as I learn what is right, and what needs improvement!


v1.1, - 7.23.19 - Fuel added to Freedom 1 & 2, tanker added, Iran F5 'Hawk 2' set to default Iran skins, End mission trigger adjusted to fire once all Archangel are under cover of DD. Radio frequency changes; set OVERLORD, TEXACO, and Archangel 1 to 305AM.
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