Refinery Strike Escort Persian Gulf SP

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Refinery Strike Escort Persian Gulf SP

Caricata da - Habu_69
Data - 07.12.2018 12:49:53
CSG3 Ops has prepared multi-group mission, package code name Grumpy, to destroy the refinery, code named Disneyland, near Khonj, Iran. Group of 4 x A-10C will execute the attack with Chevy 1 (F-16 x 2) tasked with SEAD support. JTAC support (Magic) is available.

Player will lead flight of 4 F/A-18C departing USS Stennis to Join A-10C's, Boar 3 x2 and Boar 4 x2, at WP2 near Kish Island and escort to Khonj refinery and return. Boar will fly NOE to WP2 to avoid detection by Iranian IADS. When ready to push, advise Boar (by F10 menu) and escort Boar to/from Disneyland. At WP3 orbit until target area cleared green by SEAD Chevy 1. If Chevy 1 fails to clear air defenses, order package to continue or abort, using F10 menu, as threat dictates.

Persian Gulf single player mission that can be easily converted to multi-player. Includes immersive custom sound files, eye candy and randomness for enjoyable replay. Requires these mods:

Navy Deck Crew (DCS User Files):
VPC-Airfield Equipment Mod 9.4:

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