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DCS: World 2.5
Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst

A Busy Day - v2

Caricata da - Belly
Data - 14.08.2018 19:57:32
This mission pack is made with 3 SP missions. (A French version is also available) - Those missions take place in Normandy, north Cotentin, beginning 1944 on a same day. They start with a low intensity mission with a weather not so good. As the day progresses the intensity will grow up and the weather will become better.

Those missions are based on probable historical facts considering a Luftwaffe fighter units remained in Cotentin. I have tried to make an historical atmosphere asking to not use F10 map, external views and etiquettes. Victory is to do its best to contribute to the mission success with returning to the airfield with the aircraft. Scoring is not considered in the wanted approach.

Briefings on specific document are included which allow to the player to prepare its mission and immersion as wanted.

I wish you some nice times

- Fighters options corrections
- Voice messages added
- Kneeboards added (1 per mission)
- Spitfire marking corrections
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