Voice Attack Beta Profile for DCS F-18 Hornet V 0.07

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Voice Attack Beta Profile for DCS F-18 Hornet V 0.07

Caricata da - Mustang60348
Data - 08.06.2018 13:32:29
A beta profile for Voice Attack for the DCS F-18C includes the ability to SAY the Tacan channel number instead of having to click the UFC.

Beta Voice Attack profile for DCS World F=18c

Do almost the entire startup via Voice (as I progress I will have the full startup using voice)

Program the Tacan Channel via Voice

Program the Stores Page via Voice

V.002 - Adding more commands to make it possible to start the A/C solely via voice, such as FCS Test.

V.004 - Added the ability to go up to 1009 ft for Interval, apparently this is hard coded into the Hornet.

V.005 - Fixed bug when using a number less than 10, i.e. 9,8 etc, Added Landing Configuration that lowers hook, lowers Gear and Puts flaps to full. Added ability to change the scale on Map, Added ability to select Baro or Radar Altitude.

V.006 Added AutoPilot select functions, Added Tacan Select Functions. When changing heading via voice for Autopilot, It will detect what is the correct way to turn, iow, If your new heading is to the right, it will turn that way. You can now change Tacan channels without turning off Tacan first by saying "Channel <channel number>". The old way was "Tacan <channel number>" but that would toggle the ON/OFF which worked but was annoying as hell.

V.007 Updated the .diff files to reflect changes in latest beta.

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