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DCS: World 2.5
F-86F Sabre

F-86F - Every Man a Tiger mini Campaign

Tipo - Campagna
Autore - catt42
Data - 14.01.2018 07:08:59
It's 1957 and your Squadron sent you to Nellis to join the Fighter Weapons School as a student. The campaign will take you trough 4 complete missions, where you'll have to prove that your worthy of the "Patch".

This is my first attempt at making a SP campaign. It’s set in 1957 at Nellis AFB and puts the player in the boots of a Fighter Weapons School student.

The missions are heavily scripted, so please make sure that you closely follow the instructions. It comes with the following features:
4 SP missions.

- 10 custom NDBs for navigation.
- Documentation including mission orders and maps.
- Custom kneeboards with mission orders.
- 230 voice-overs.

For more information:
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  • Lingua: Inglese
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