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A-10C Warthog

"PATROL BY FORCE" (Singleplayer)

Caricata da - Bahger
Data - 27.03.2013 13:53:33
In a show of force, Insurgent militia have moved into the city  of Oni.  Tanks have been placed at street corners, barricades installed at entry points and the Insurgent leader is known to have taken up residence with an entourage in a luxury hotel at the northern end of the city.  

Oni is within UK military jurisdiction, so the operation to liberate the city and capture or kill the Insurgent leader (HVT) will be under British command, and will consist of a ground assault force (UK), supported by Special Operations recon teams (UK) with embedded USAF Forward Air Controllers and USAF A-10C Close Air Support.  Special Operations (UK) will stage a coordinated airborne assault.

This is a tactically authentic, 40-minute CAS sortie with supporting assets and extensive custom voice files for radio comms/SA.  The client flight not chosen by the player will spawn as an AI flight with identical tasking.

Uploaded RAR file contains mission file and briefing.
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