MiG-21bis Desert OP Hunters SP A2G Mission

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DCS: World 2.0

MiG-21bis Desert OP Hunters SP A2G Mission

Autore - ZoomBoy27
Data - 28.05.2017 19:50:48
MiG-21bis are to take out observation posts that will call down fire on our ground force Troop Alpha.  Made mission desert to look at the lighting after 2.1 update

MiG-21bis Nevada NTTR - air-to ground mission - clusters/rockets

Eliminate three observation posts to allow passage of our ground units - who will them be unseen and free to move without counter-artillery fire.

You will have support recon unit (OP23) who can mark the enemy OP - with green flares
Request on F10 Radio comms menu

Occasionally, enemy air defense units will appear

Wanted to take a look at the new lighting in 2.1 - Might as well make a mission of it.
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