Operation Kano Part 3: Morning Ambush

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A-10C Warthog

Operation Kano Part 3: Morning Ambush

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Data - 13.11.2012 20:30:59
Things went so well from Operation Beachball that we advanced the timetable on taking Sukhumi.

Now we have to pay the price for our overzealous push.  F-15 CAP, Ka-50 SEAD/DEAD, and A-10 CAS all in one mission.

Your efforts in the poor weather yesterday paid off as our troops were able to capture Gaduata without a shot. Wanting to take advantage of the momentum command continued pushing toward Sukhumi as part of our advance west to push rebels out of the Caucas Mountains.  However the enemy was planning a trap as one of our northern patrols found enemy troops advancing to our position on our northern flanks attempting to take advantage of our overextended forces.

To make things worse, enemy forces have setup an anti-air hardpoint inbetween us and our ground forces attacking Sukhumi, preventing us from reinforcing them.

Our mission is to secure our northern flank and assist ground forces pushing into Sukhumi in that order.
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