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DCS: World 1.5

DCS 1.5 Updated KneeBoard

Tipo - Mod
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Data - 15.08.2016 16:17:35
JSGME Ready.

This Mod updates the « Aerodrome Charts » to the latest versions included in the PDF found in « ...\DCS World\Doc\Charts\DCS_GND_Charts.pdf ».

Default kneeboard uses Rev 3.5.0-2012 and the PDF uses Rev 3.6.0-2013, changes i've seen mainly are the newest charts includes Magnetic and True Headings for runways, and some RNW numbers dosn't even fit the F-10 maps in DCS (screenshots here). I've also aded the page « Aerodrome Index » which contains all infos of airfields in one page, ID, ILS, Tacans, Tower etc...

For now i've only updated the Aerodrome Charts, the Visual Operation Chart (Colored map pages on the kneeboard) are not updated with the newest PDF « DCS_VAD_Charts_A10C.pdf » or « DCS_VAD_Charts_FC3 » found in the same folder. Maybe in a futur time i might do it, but fr now, i've done the most necessary ones.
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