Operation Bactria (MP COOP 14), Afghanistan CAS

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A-10C Warthog

Operation Bactria (MP COOP 14), Afghanistan CAS

Caricata da - Habu23
Data - 23.05.2012 17:00:37

- Inspired by early 2000's and contemporary Afghanistan conflict
- A mission striving for pure realism with regards to tasking and loadout.
- Mountain Combat
- Completely randomized tasking.
- Modular design allowing for more tasking in future versions.
- 283 triggers, 171 custom voice recordings, excellent FPS.
- Compatible with DCS: World v1.2.3
- Multiplayer, COOP 14 players

Hawg, Pig, Boar, and Tusk flights will proceed to IP Banks, IP Adder, IP Dodge and IP Mazda respectively, where they will receive on-call tasking from AWACS. Once tasking is complete, AWACS will order each flight back to their IP's and generate new, randomized tasking. AWACS will indicate when a flight's station time is complete. Each flight will fly in a geographically distinct area and is not connected with the other in communication or organization.


v3.2 - Small update with no gameplay additions or fixes. Players will now be able to end their current tasking via a F10 radio command option.
v3.1 - Small update that fixed an undetected bug. The grid of current tasking will also be displayed as a F10 radio command option.
v3.0 - Addition of 4 ship Tusk flight to make the mission a COOP14. Drastic gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

v2.0 - Addition of new content to make the mission a COOP10 with a new 2 ship. General bug fixes and enhancements.

v1.0 - First Release

***Mission Background***

This mission seeks to replicate the nature of A-10 sorties in Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. While the combatants and tasking are not direct references to real life engagements, many of the taskings in this mission were inspired by real life events (Battle of Takur Ghar, Battle of Wanat).

The enemy will sometimes exist in a more conventional form as the Taliban existed during the 2001 invasion, comprised of armor and moderate air defenses. Other times, the enemy will consist as insurgents who ambush NATO forces in an unconventional manner.

The taskings I created range from on call CAS in support of infantry or convoys, static strikes of caves or buildings, as well as assisting conventional and special forces.

The Caucuses were used to emulate the Hindu Kush, Pamir, and Arma mountain ranges of Afghanistan.

The loadouts for both flights were carefully chosen to adhere to realism as well as maintain gameplay. Pilots must use their ordnance in moderation. The loadouts were picked and setup according to real life research and photos. Combined with fuel, aircraft weight is roughly 88-90% of maximum weight allowing for excellent maneuverability at altitude. Pilots will rely heavily on their gun in CAS oriented taskings and can utilize precision guided munitions for more conventional missions.
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