Battle royale or king of the hill style. Dogfight and soft ground attack objectives. The combat happens over 10 miles. Both teams must destroy ground units while they defend from enemy cap. IA will be balanced taking account human players. Any comments ...
Date: 01/07/2020
This is a ramp start mission for DCS A-10C where your main task is to clear out the anti-air defence of an invadeing force. Secondary objective is to do as much dammage as possible to 2 colums of IFV's. Take on an invadeing army, destroy the air defences, and do as much dammage as possible to the invading force, before they overwhelm defending ground forces with your wing of A-10's. A-10C 24.01.2012 23:06:43 1752
Date: 01/21/2012

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