This is an edit of what I believe the sight would appear like. While I couldn't find images of the real K-14's sight specifically, I have used a number of other gunsights from the WWII era to get the best effect I can out of this. The fixed sight has a more of a glowing appearance, and an increase of red, particularly in the bottom section of the sight. I have not touched the gyro sight, because the diamonds ...
Date: 08/17/2018
Replacement Spitfire gunsight reticle. JSGME ready. Multiplayer compatible. If you have any real reticle photos, please share them with me. Mod Any language DCS: World 1.5 Spitfire LF Mk. IX Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 04/09/2017 11:27:29 1214
Date: 03/06/2017
Better PKV (gunsight) texture for the Mi-8 These textures are made to have a more realistic looking gunsight. It will replace or supplement the standard Belsimtek texture with a custom one. Some features of the new texture: -Custom metal surface. -Custom leather ...
Date: 03/24/2016

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