Operation Barbagrigia v1.4

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DCS World 2.5
Operation Barbagrigia v1.4

Operation Barbagrigia v1.4

Auteur - leonardo_c
Date - 29.11.2019 12:27
Caucasus, 22 June 1971

Exactly 30 years after Operation Barbarossa BLUFOR has launched Operation Barbagrigia.
Their offensive is currently blocked on the Inguri river in three bridges codenamed Alfa, Beta and Gamma.

Map features:
- fluid front that reacts to events (ground units request CAS or CAP when attacked and also AI units can respond)
- custom AFAC player interaction will identify threats in AO, report them and mark with rockets or illumination bombs
- dynamic strategic ground targets that have an effect on the ground war
- open world, you decide what to do, when and how, no need to kill a specific unit to trigger mission events

*** HOW TO FLY IT ***
Read briefing carefully. RTFM is your friend :)
No units are marked on the map with the exception of specific map marks indicating known SA-2/SA-3/HAWK/Rapier SAMs.
Additionally, both coalitions have valuable strategic targets marked on the map.

A2A Operations
BLUE coalition has an E-2D Hawekeye, RED coalition has ground GCI, see your standing orders for detailed information.
RED and BLUE factions can escort level bombers to specific targets. To escort bombers you must:
1) Use F10 menu to spawn a bomber formation, you will receive instructions to regroup at a specific location, take note of the location and follow the BRA reports every 30s
    F10 -> Other -> Bombing Missions -> Proceed to regroup point
2) Once you reach the regroup location and have a visual on the bombers sel ect radio menu option and the bombers will stop orbiting and resume their mission, BRA reports will stop
    F10 -> Other -> Bombing Missions -> Proceed to mission route

A2G Operations
Check F10 menu "Capture Zone Status" to get a general idea of the hotspots.
In alternative you can check the F10 map, enable user marks and check the CZ status.
Once you find an interesting spot you can use F10 radio menu and request "Friendly Units Shoot Flares", this will trigger friendly units to shoot identification flares.
RED coalition shoot RED flares, BLUE coalition shoot GREEN flares. Note that the flares apply only to units in the CZs, no units in the Inguri estuary will shoot flares, be careful.
When in doubt, DON'T FIRE.
Additionally, groups under attack that are suffering losses will shoot flares as well (except for units in the Inguri Estuary) so you know where the action is.

Rotary Wings
Helos take off from BLUE or RED FARP. There is a specific map area dedicated to helo ops, see the map in the briefing images.
FARP and FOB NDB frequencies are listed on the F10 map and in briefing.
From the FOB players can load troops (infantry, anti-tank, mortar teams), from FARPs you can load troops and additionally heavier assets like armed AAA, HMMVs, BTRs, artillery units, FOB crates, etc.
Helicopters should deploy ground troops in the vicinity of the CZs and also patrol the Inguri estuary area (see images in briefing) and deploy troops from nearby FOBs.
Keep radio comms open for CSAR requests.

I've worked a lot on a system to make AFAC interaction feel more alive than the current implementations.
BLUEFOR and REDFOR can request AFAC (GLAZ for RED, means "eye" in Russian). For BLUEFOR there will be a C-101CC (mocks an A-37) with smoke rockets, for REDFOR there will be an L-39ZA with illumination bombs.
Optionally, the player can "subscribe" to the AFAC via F10 menu radio option to get detection and AFAC position reports.
Once a target is detected the player will receive a report fr om AFAC. At this point you can go in the vicinity of the AFAC and ask to smoke/illuminate the target.
This is not the usual "static smoke on target", the AFAC will actually run in and smoke/illuminate the target and will keep marking the target until ordered "Tasking Out". It is best
When you are done with the target use the menu "Tasking out" and the AFAC will resume its own patrol, if it detects other targets the full cycle can restart.

*** F10 MAP MARKS ***
The F10 map contains marks for the CZ status, relevant strategic targets and SAM defences.
Be sure to enable "F10 User Map Marks" in DCS options.

- To make the scoring system work login as spectator and wait for all scripts to be loaded (you will see the notification messages). After successful loading you can login with your desired coalition/slot.
- Due to DCS limitations CAS flight wingmen have CAP loadout, I could not find a way to make AI wingmen attack ground targets, let me know if you have any ideas.

- AJS 37
- F-5E-3
- L-39ZA
- Mi-8
- MiG-19P
- MiG-21bis
- UH-1H

- AIM-9P5
- ASO-2
- BK-90
- R-60/M
- RB-24J
- RB-74
- RB-75
- RN-24/28
- U22/A

- F-5 SEA camo by reflected <a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/2408674/">https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/it/files/2408674/</a>
- Kilgore's Huey by danfivebillion <a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2725780/">https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2725780/</a>

*** CREDITS ***
Credits go to the original authors of:
- MOOSE (and to the Moose Discord for the help!)
- Mist
- paintings by Adam Tooby (<a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://www.adamtooby.com/">https://www.adamtooby.com/</a>)

*** FORUM POST ***
<a class="txttohtmllink" href="https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=253908">https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=253908</a>


* 1.4
- added Strategic Targets for RED and BLUE with effects on ground war
- initial CZ status is randomized
- AI CAS and CAP are no longer scheduled. they react to events on the frontline
- fix bug with helos spawning above AI
- set mission start time to 07:00
- added dynamic AFAC interaction

* 1.3
- removed ASO-2 for RED
- added CSAR missions
- restored gun ammo on F-4E units
- added AAA crate to both coalitions, now you can deploy AAA to the frontline
- RED AI CAS now can also be a Mig-19, BLUE a C-101 (mocking A-37) or F-5

* 1.2
fixed weapon restrictions after update
added bomber escort missions
added helicopter missions in Inguri estuary

* 1.1
AI air units spawn in air due to bugs with taxiing
added radio frequencies for Dallas FARP in mission briefing
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